BF Bonanza! (Part 1)

Surprise, surprise mofos. It looks like we’ll be blogging about food, travel and all those bourgeois stuff that you get to see often in Facebook or Instagram. Admittedly, food blogging isn’t my forte per se. I don’t have that same ability to sensitively distinguish different tastes as compared to the more prominent bloggers in the field. You might also be worried that I may be overbloating my blog. But you have to remember that regardless of the technicalities of the topics I write sometimes, I still consider this as my personal blog. Hence, I pretty much write whatever I feel like and you can’t really do anything about it.


Okay, maybe you can do something about it if you guys stop reading my blog. I need the attention okay?

But I digress. What I noticed when it comes to going out and eating tasty food is – that besides the food of course – the experience that people enjoy when going out to eat is worth mentioning as well. Food bloggers tend to just concentrate on the food itself, but not necessarily with the experience associated with it. Hence why I also included travel ´in combination with the food section of this blog, since splurging on food and traveling to God know’s where tend to be interconnected in today’s globalized world.  Well anyway, that’s what this section of the blog is about. So, let’s get started on the meat of the issue (pun not intended).

BF Homes has been known to be the Maginhawa of the South. Just in case you guys are foreigners or have been living under a rock, Maginhawa is this famous strip of road up north in Quezon City that has a lot of great restaurants and cafes. There are already a lot of food blogs dedicated to that place, so I’m not really planning on going there.

BF Homes also holds a special place in my heart since it houses my elementary school, Southville International School and Colleges. That doesn’t mean I’m a rich kid though for enrolling in such a prestigious school, it just means that I have very generous Ninongs and Ninangs. So yeah, you can say my first food blog brings up a lot of memories for me.

But yeah, you guys are probably wondering why I wasted 300+ words without seeing the food yet.

(Just chill, it’s coming. I told you, we’re not just concentrating on the food itself.)

So I was waiting for Steffi to accompany me to BF Homes, cause it’s been a long time since I’ve been there and I don’t want to be lost and alone. I’d like to thank her a lot for accompanying me, it made the food blogging experience more worth while. She has a blog by the way, you can follow her at

But yeah, the first place I tried while waiting for Steffi was none other than Dakasi. Technically speaking, Dakasi is still in BF Homes, it just so happens to be inside a huge SM mall so it still counts! I tried Dakasi’s Bubble Milk Tea. A bit too sweet on the side, but it had this creamy texture to make it up. I found their regular size pretty big for me as well. So for 90 pesos, I guess it’s worth its own price. Better than overpriced Starbucks Frappe I’d say the least.


Pretty much Dakasi SM BF’s interior. Just took a pic of it cause I like tall buildings.


It was all over in Philippine news recently that two people got poisoned for drinking milk tea. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to me.


I actually find Dakasi’s cover for their milk tea to be adorable, but only because I didn’t die of milk tea poisoning and that I like tall buildings.

But obviously, I didn’t come to BF Homes just to visit one of Dakasi Philippines’ branches. So out of all the restaurants and cafes that I had to pick (cause there were literally a multitude to pick, and I had a limited budget), I decided to pick one cafe and one restaurant.

As Steffi and I got to see each other, we first headed to this cafe she recommended me. It’s called Magnum Opus. It’s kinda difficult to look for in BF Homes if you’re not familiar with the place, since the area is pretty small and discreet.


Like this discreet, just above the dental clinic that’s gonna rip your teeth out for drinking too much sugary drinks.

Don’t let the exterior fool you. The inside of the cafe is pretty cozy, with the interior complementing its small size.


Just like your average cafe, except with better looking people.


Paintings, curtains to aesthetically cover the bathroom entrance, and a service of love!


Just looking at the stuff in the counter. Look at all those sticky notes, and don’t forget to give a tip or two in the jar.

The drinks cost around 100 pesos to 250 pesos depending on the type of coffee, frappe, iced latte or any other sugary drink you want to order. I was told by Steffi that the cafe also sells coffee worth 1000 pesos. Yes, a coffee more expensive than your overpriced Starbucks! Wasn’t able to try it cause I was too proletariat to pay for the price of over expensive coffee, so I just settled with the cafe’s Belgian Heartbreak instead.


Settled with Magnum Opus’ Belgian Heartbreak out of Steffi’s recommendation, and not because my heart was broken by the price tag of that 1000 pesos coffee mentioned earlier.

Yes, it’s cute enough that the cafe topped off the drink with the heart in the center, but how does it taste like? Well, I kinda found out why they called it the Belgian Heartbreak. And not because I was bitter about my non-existent love life. You could taste the Belgian dark chocolate just from the first sip, mixed with the cream on top. The dark chocolate in the drink isn’t really that strong though, it’s just in the right amount that you get to enjoy the drink without the extreme bitterness associated with your first heartbreak.


Hey look! A roof deck.

Yup, to accommodate for its small space, Magnum Opus has a roof deck beside it. It’s a great place to enjoy your drink and chat with someone at the same time. Much more in sunny but slightly windy days in the Summer to which Steffi and I were lucky to experience while we were in the roof deck. You could also check out the neighborhood from the roof deck, but you won’t really get to see much since there are a couple of slightly taller buildings nearby blocking your view.

Overall, I enjoyed my stay in Magnum Opus. They have decent service, the cafe was cozy, and the roof deck is a chill place to stay whenever the weather’s great. It’s definitely the go-to-place for those who wish to just have a great conversation with someone. Steffi and I got admired talking to each other for around 2 hours in the cafe’s roof deck, with our discussion ranging from great times abroad to bitter-sweet memories that resembled the very Belgian Heartbreak that I was drinking. I’d say my overall experience with Magnum Opus was an 8/10.

Next up, Steffi and I visit a Korean restaurant in BF Homes named Jang Ga Rae. BF Homes is also known to be an unofficial Korean Town, so why not try out authentic Korean food? But that will be featured in part 2 of the blog.