Semper tuus ero

Always, I am there ’til the night.
I will love you and love you so.
I’ll turn the day into your dream,
And I’ll be in your dream as you close your eyes.

Always, I will fight for your sake.
I don’t know how I will do so,
But I will always find a way.
And I promise to never break promises.

Always, I will be with you.
In mornings, I’ll wake your senses.
In evenings, I’ll serenade them.
And the precious little time I have will be yours.

Always, you are mine.
I’ll stand up no matter the fall.
I know I’m not perfect for you,
But I’d rather lose our fights than lose you.

Always, I hurt you.
I try the best I could, I swear.
Please don’t scream into the sunset,
Nor throw those gifts and trinkets I gave you.

Always, we just fight.
It will always remain the same.
You changed, and so did I my dear.
Yet I still pretend that what we have remains the same.

Always, I say “stay”.
I don’t know if I still love you,
But I don’t know a life without you.
So please don’t leave, even if you want to.

Always, I give up.
Gone are now the efforts I gave.
The sparks that we had, has now vanished.
So why am I still with you, and why are you still with me?

Always, I remember.
The days we met in November.
Dear, If only I knew better,
Maybe I could still whisper these lovely words to your ear, “semper tuus ero”.

And always, I am yours – but only a memory that I remember still vividly.


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