Senator Cayetano: Defender of the Nation

In the midst of tribulations, a beacon of hope shines for the Philippines: Senator Cayetano, defender of the nation! Young and wise. One who cannot be deceived by falsifications and lies.

Our nation is at peril. Malaysia is at our doorstep, ready to steal our very lands and resources. Only one man can protect our sovereignty – Senator Cayetano! For he knows the lies and deceit of our traitorous peace panel. After all, he sponsored this so-called Bangsamoro Basic Law. Isn’t it great that in the midst of political crisis, he revoked such sponsorship? Surely our people understand. It’s simply politics.

Terrorists and rebellions grow in strength. Of course, the good Senator does not wish for war. But we must die for peace. Our soldiers who have seen war itself should understand this, and he’s sure that those who will be affected by such conflict will understand too. This sacrifice, after all, is for our democracy. For one nation, with one culture under one flag! The Filipino race.

The honorable Senator is also a great diplomat. Because the greatest tool for diplomacy is no diplomacy at all. He knows that to understand the enemy is to believe their lies.Therefore, there is no use in understanding our enemy.

No wonder our peace panel needs to be replaced, they’re too soft and forgiving. They have drank the lies of the MILF. Can they not understand the beliefs of the great Senator when it comes to the the art of negotiations?

If Senator Cayetano had his way with the peace process, it would be a zero-sum game. We can rectify the Moro’s claims of historical injustice if we assert that they lay down their arms and accept their Filipino identity. Otherwise, we pulverize them to kingdom come.

That’s diplomacy, the Senator Cayetano way. It’s simple as that. Such is common when viewing the action-riddled movies that he has watched over the years.

But the challenges of the great Senator become ever so heavier. He has gained critics for his blunt views. He does not mind, however, as they’re all political opportunists or paid hacks of the Malaysian government. It is great to see that his many supporters share the same view.

The Moro question has a simple answer for Senator Cayetano. Either they surrender to the government’s will or be expelled by whatever means necessary. It’s that simple for Senator Cayetano, and it’s quite astonishing why so many treat this decades-old conflict as some sort of complex situation.

Can they not see the simplicity and genius of Senator Cayetano’s proposals? Our current president does not understand, the peace panel does not understand, and neither does Robin Padilla.

So damn the views of Robin Padilla and his fellow Muslims! He’s only against the Senator because of politics. If Muslims had their way, our democracy would have never existed. Just look at our neighbors – Malaysia and Indonesia!

But just imagine if we had Senator Cayetano at the helm of our military. Just imagine, for once, that we have Senator Cayetano as our brave Commander-in-Chief. I’m sure that he will keep his word, that we must be ready to die for our democracy. Of course, we the people should be the first in line. It would be terrible if the great Cayetano is at the very forefront of conflict, when instead he should be leading – at the very comfort of the capital where he’ll be busy creating strategies based on his war movies.

Yet such imaginations are not realized, for now at least. But that’s okay, because without Senator Cayetano we would continue to be blind. If it wasn’t for Senator Cayetano, we wouldn’t know that the MILF were terrorists all along – and that we were actually negotiating with terrorists when it should not be so!

But critics argue that the MILF terrorists were actually “helpful”. Without them and the ad hoc joint action group, they say that it would be difficult for our military to defeat the other terrorist groups like Abu Sayaff.

Senator Cayetano, rightly so, sees through this deception. They’re all the same, for he is an expert with his extensive knowledge on terrorist issues. MILF, Abu Sayaff, BIFF, BFF of the MILF – they’re all the same brand of terrorism just with the different flavors or shades. Just like a hydra, we establish a ceasefire with one group – two more pop out. Whatever agreement or joint action group we have, it becomes useless. Why can’t these deluded peace advocates see the lies?

Ah, but once you agree with the insightful knowledge of Senator Cayetano – you will understand why we can’t pass this so-called Bangsamoro Basic Law. There’s no point in negotiating with the MILF. No matter how many UN-sanctioned agreements they sign, no matter if the international community continues to support this so-called peace process, we cannot trust them .

We can only trust in the hope of one man, and that is Senator Cayetano – Defender of the Nation. Protector of the Filipino Race, and maybe, our next Commander-in-Chief.


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