No circumstance would leave,
For a time our stories weave.
Indeed it was you,
To which my life I’d view.

A constant, you were mine.
For the length of time our relationship became like wine.
The longer it was,
The greater we’d surpass.

And this wine we cherished,
Of its joys we’d ravish.
Together we reaped,
But truth can’t be unzipped.

Realizations came,
Our wine would never be the same.
For wine it was not,
But disillusions it brought.

Forbidden, yet we drank,
And our future together now blank.
Farther we drifted,
In a space, neglected.

This wine, I regret.
This wine, I regret.
Not once, twice, three times,
But eternity, I’d carry these crimes.


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